Drag Racer V4 simulation racing game

Start from scratch and work up from stock to a real drag racer V4.

Drag Racer V4

In Drag Racer v4 you can decide if you want to start from scratch and try to earn enough money for buying better and faster cars or if you want to select any of the models available and start racing.

In the arcade mode, you can choose any car from a simple Honda Civic to the powerful McLaren F1. You can search through the manufacturers yourself or pick from the three classes available. After you make your pick, you have to set the distance for the drag race and the difficulty. You also have to choose the car which will be driven by your opponent. In Drag Racer v4, the acceleration is controlled with the space bar and you have to hit the up arrow at the perfect moment if you want to change the gear. If you want to lower the gear, you just have to press the down arrow. If you don't change the gear when you are supposed to, the engine will blow up and you will have to restart the race. Cars can be customized and if you do so in the tuner mode, you will be able to transform a regular car in a much faster one. If you just buy one in the arcade mode, you won't be able to improve its performance.

Drag Racer v4 is an interesting car racing game; you will be able to test your reaction time and you will see some interesting car facts at the end of each race.